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OTS Change Log

Date ChangedVersionChanges
October 10, 202111.40- Matched the current KDE banner template
September 28, 202111.30- Added the training, quiz, administration guide for the TAR Module
September 8, 202111.20- Uploaded the CWEC training, quiz
August 30, 202111.10- Uploaded the Overview/AT training, quiz
August 29, 202111.00Reset for 2021-2022 School Year
February 17, 202110.51 - Revised the opening date of the SRD/CRD
November 10, 202010.50- Uploaded the CWEC training, quiz
November 2, 202010.40- Uploaded the Overrview/AT training, quiz
October 19, 202010.32- Pushed the opening of the ESAR Training by 2 weeks per CTE request
October 18, 202010.31- Updated the Certificate Template
October 14, 202010.30- Uploaded the ESAR training, quiz, and printable ESAR for download
October 12, 202010.23- Updated the Resources to include CTE
October 5, 202010.22- Revise the TAR quiz
October 5, 202010.21- Fixed the UTC to Local time conversion
October 4, 202010.20- Uploaded the TAR training, quiz, and printable TAR for download
October 4, 202010.14- Updated the Resources
September 25, 202010.13- Fixed the single quote bug in the security questions
September 23, 202010.12- Mirrored the changes in the Profile Management
September 10, 202010.11- Fixed the DoSE registration
September 3, 202010.10- implemented enhanced registration, including security questions
August 28, 202010.00Reset for 2020-2021 School Year
March 18, 20209.70- Revised the opening date of the ESAR/CWEC quizzes
- Revised the opening date on the CRD
- Uploaded the revised ESAR
- Uploaded the revised CRD Manual
-Added a margin around the AT Videos
March 2, 20209.64- Revised the School List
March 2, 20209.63- Postponed the opening of the ESAR/CWEC Training Modules
- Postponed the opening of the CRD
February 20, 20209.62- Added Test Window 2 Videos

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